Triumph at Memphrémagog Lake Relay Race

This past September 16, Enero Solutions joined the Relais du Lac Memphrémagog race, a fund-raising event organized in support of the Christian Vachon Foundation, to support a cause that means as much to our company as it does to our employees.

Christian Vachon Foundation

This foundation is working to enhance the development, perseverance and educational success of young people from vulnerable backgrounds, playing a crucial role in effecting a positive change in our communities.

If you’d like to find out more about Le Relais Desjardins du Lac Memphrémagog and our participants, please follow the link below:

An outstanding performance and a considerable contribution

Thanks to our amazing team members Desneiges Beaudry, Dominic Thivierge, Matthew Desbiens, William Savard, Charles-Éric Beaulieu and Mikel Garcia-Poulin, we were able to complete the 110 km race all together, raising an impressive total of over $680,000!

Proud and thankful

At Enero Solutions, we’re extremely proud of our competitors who, for their very first participation, came in 34th place out of 223 teams, achieving a remarkable time of 9 hours, 5 minutes and 16 seconds. We’d like to congratulate them warmly on their remarkable performance, their contribution to this fund-raising event, and their exceptional team spirit and admirable perseverance.

Well done and congratulations again to Desneiges, Dominic, Matthew, William, Charles-Éric and Mikel!