About Enero Solutions™

Founded in 2005, Enero Solutions™ is a software engineering company that delivers advanced process control solutions and products to increase the profitability and flexibility of continuous manufacturing plants.

In 2016, offices were opened in France to provide support to European manufacturing sites.



Our company has risen from the desire to provide added value services to improve process efficiency, availability and profitability for our customers through process optimization.

One innovation at a time, Enero engineers will work with their customer on reliable Digital Twin process control solutions in order to deliver high quality product at the lowest cost and with the lowest carbon footprint.


At Enero Solutions™, we believe that change is initiated by Innovation – and Innovation is the result of passion, team-work and vision. As such, research and development, team work with our customer and continuous improvement are at the core of who we are.


  • Advanced Automation - Model based control and industrial AI applications
  • Hawkview - High-speed cybersecure monitoring system, big-data browser and PID tuning software
  • EnergyTrack - Energy analytical tool for profit optimization of plant utility systems
  • Smart-Splitter - Multivariable gas header pressure control for offgas, biogas, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, steam and cogeneration applications
  • LeanAir - Smart solid-fuel combustion controls


Reducing the carbon footprint of plants is good for business and good for the environment. Enero Solutions™ actively participates in the transition of power units or industries to reducegreenhouse emissions through energy optimization, green energy and microgrid technology.