Recap of the Biomass Boilers 2023 Workshop in Montreal

In November 2023, Enero Solutions had the pleasure to attend a second workshop on biomass boilers, this time held in Montreal.

This event was a unique opportunity to discuss the latest technological advancements and upgrades designed to enhance the operational performance, combustion capacity, thermal efficiency, and fuel economy of biomass boilers and other solid fuel boilers.

About the workshop:

This biomass workshop brought together presentations on new technological developments designed to improve the operational efficiency, biomass combustion capacity (including wood waste, bark, monopolized fuel, chips, pellets, bagasse, agricultural waste), as well as the efficiency, stability, emission performance, and fuel economy of biomass boilers (and other solid fuel boilers). Participants had the opportunity to explore the latest modernization technologies for biomass boilers and associated equipment while observing how other factories address their boiler issues.

The workshop targeted operational and technical professionals from the pulp and paper industry, independent power producers, the energy sector, and waste-to-energy industries to learn more about the numerous optimization topics that can be enhanced in their facilities.

Alongside Enero Solutions, leading experts took part in this event


Our president, Benoit Janvier, delivered two seminars on advanced biomass combustion controls, specifically on:

  • “Optimization and control of biomass combustion processes.”
  • “Modern multivariable control of cogeneration systems.”

In alignment with the challenges of fossil fuel use, this two-day event annually brings together experts from North America and Europe, enabling them to exchange the latest solutions for operating, optimizing, and improving biomass boilers.

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