Enero Solutions™, in partnership with our industrial customers, will deploy Digital Twin technologies that will increase plant operational excellence.

Digital Twin – Simulators & Virtual Plant

Process and cogeneration simulators are at the central part of Enero Solutions™ Suite of Digital Twin technologies as they provide high-value solutions to highly complex automated processes:


Safety: New logic and/or modification to unit operations can be simulated in a virtual reality setting for proper safety testing.

Reliability: Poor process design for new unit operations and complex process control configuration can be fully tested on a virtual   plant before startup.

Training: Limit the risk of unexpected shutdown or production losses by training operators on a virtual environment.

Process and Profit Optimizer

Enero Solutions™ has patented innovative and smart solutions to sustainably increase efficiency, reliability and  profitability of your cogeneration plant.

Our solutions optimize, in real time, the energy efficiency of your steam, heat and electrical production. Adapt operating conditions of steam and heat production according to your energy cost and electrical contract.

Contact us for details:

  • Smart Steam Header control
  • Advanced Plant Master control
  • Advanced District Heating Master control
  • Real Time Profit Optimizer

Biomass and Waste Fuel Combustion Optimization

Enero Solutions™ has patented an innovative technology – a Heat Release Soft Sensor – able to increase stability, reactivity and flexibility of your Biomass Boiler.

Real time combustion optimization technology developed by Enero Solutions™ is available for biomass, household or chemical waste boilers and provides the following benefits:

  • Increase steam and heat production,
  • Reduce maintenance and operational cost,
  • Meet environmental compliance and standards.

Contact us for more details on our combustion optimization technologies, multiple fuel combustion optimization and BMS compliance.

Online Performance Monitoring and Analysis Tools

Developed by Enero Solutions™, Hawkview™ is a powerful software suite that can be integrated to most modern control system plaforms to:


  • Monitor and analyze complex multi-variables processes
  • Troubleshoot process and controller interaction
  • Controller tuning and optimization through easy-to-use modeling tools
  • Effortless data analytics: browse large arrays of data using the Hawkview-EXCEL tool


The Hawkview system can also be purchased with a dedicated high-speed datalogger:

  • Long-term high-speed data collection for event capture
  • Cybersecure remote analysis.
  • ValveTester tool to measure friction and hysteresis of final element performance


Install a trial version and contact our sales for training and licensing