European Biomass Boiler Workshop in 2023

Enero Solutions is participating in the 2023 European Biomass Boiler Workshop, which will be held in the historic city of Prague, Czech Republic on March 29 and 30, 2023.

Our president Benoit Janvier will present two seminars on advanced biomass combustion controls, alongside experts from other leading companies:

Places at this sponsored workshop are filling up quickly. An early sign up is necessary to guarantee your spot!

About the Workshop:
The Biomass workshop consists of presentations about new technological developments to improve operating performance, biomass burning capacity (i.e., waste wood, bark, hogged fuel, chips, pellets, bagasse, agro-waste), efficiency, stability, emissions performance, and fuel economy of biomass (and other solid fuel) fired boilers. Learn about the latest retrofit technology for biomass boilers and associated equipment and see how other plants solve their boiler problems.

The workshop is geared towards operational and technical professionals from the Pulp/Forest Products Industry, Independent Power Producers, the Power Sector, and Energy-from-Waste Industries to learn about the many optimization topics that can be improve their facility:

  • How to deliver and burn biomass effectively?
  • How to increase boiler performance?
  • What are the elements of effective control systems to stabilize and optimize combustion?
  • How can I achieve reliable delivery of biomass-derived fuel to the boiler?
  • How do I ensure that my soot blowing systems are optimized for maximizing cleaning while limiting steam usage?
  • What are the key parameters to effectively convey ash material from the boiler?
  • How can I maintain emissions compliance?
  • How do I prepare for a stack test?
  • How can I increase the capacity of my boiler to handle fast load changes?

Come and join us and our co-sponsors at this great event – We look forward to seeing you in Prague!