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Poor control valve performance is a major source of process variability. Enero has developed a valve testing tool called the Valve Tester that enables users to test the dynamic performance of control valves by:

    • Generating any type of control signal to the valve (sine wave, step, user defined)
    • Measuring mechanical changes in the valve position
    • Measure other process variables (flow, pressure) or actuator parameters

The Valve Test Toolbox consists of an analog output signal generator (included in the HawkView Acquisition System) and a valve position sensor. This Toolbox is ideal for:

  • Testing the dynamic performance of new or rebuilt control valves prior to installation and for testing valve performance during shutdowns
  • Evaluating control valve performance before they are installed in the field to confirm that the position of large manual control valves is stable
  • Evaluating control valve performance through online testing while the process is running

ValvesTester on a Globe Valve

ValvesTester on a Rotary Valve

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