Rising energy costs are a major concern for the refining industry. In the past, equipment such as power turbines, boilers, heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) could be added piecewise to an already existing steam network with little integration to existing process equipment.  This resulted in wasted energy and high variability of the steam network. Lack of advanced controls and process control integration for energy systems represent an opportunity for refineries to reduce operating costs with minimal expenditure. It is not unusual following the implementation of advanced process controls and other changes in the energy network to result in total energy savings in excess of 3%.

Enero Performance products and Advanced Control Technologies improve efficiency by:

  • Modulating in real-time the load allocation on multi-boiler systems to optimize the energy efficiency of the steam plant
  • Minimizing steam header pressure variations
  • Minimizing excess air during steady- and transient state conditions
  • Reducing or eliminating steam venting during transient conditions
  • Eliminating the need for backup boilers and steady-state steam venting with Enero SolutionsQuickSteam Boiler patented technology
  • Improving furnace combustion efficiency during steady- and transient state operating conditions