Introduction to Quicksteam boiler

Second-to-second equilibrium between steam production and steam demand is critical for the operation of many plants since small fluctuations in steam pressure or temperature have an impact on product quality, unit operation efficiency, and equipment wear that significantly affects a plant’s bottom line.

Cost when energy production exceeds the energy demand

When too much energy is produced, the plant’s control system keeps the steam header pressure constant by venting steam to the atmosphere. Although venting steam restores the equilibrium between energy production and energy demand, this new equilibrium comes with a heavy cost – fuel is burned to produce steam that is vented.

Cost when energy demand exceeds energy production

When there is not enough energy produced, the steam header pressure falls rapidly until the plant’s control system restores the energy balance. Variations in steam pressure and temperature can have a serious impact on a plant’s operation and equipment.

Enero Solutions’ QuickSteam Boiler is a new type of boiler that can reach its full steaming capacity in 30 seconds from a cold start and is thus capable of responding to rapid, large and unpredictable changes in steam load.  The rapid response speed of the QuickSteam Boiler provides additional flexibility to steam system operation and design thereby allowing plants to reduce their energy costs.

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