Pulp and Paper

Challenges Facing the Pulp and Paper Industry

  • Rising energy and fiber costs
  • High transportation costs
  • Falling demand in developed nations for pulp and paper products
  • Increased competition from emerging economies with lower labor and fiber costs

Enero Performance Projects for the pulp and paper industry deliver rapid and measurable results by:

  • Increasing the amount of biomass utilized by the powerhouse
  • Reducing energy costs of mills through model-based control of steam plants using Enero’s patented technology:  QuickSteam Boiler
  • Improving steam demand coordination between the paper machine process and the powerhouse
  • Reducing or eliminating boiler trips or steam venting during large load disturbances
  • Enhancing the agility of the papermaking operation and improving paper machine efficiency: Faster grade changes, reduction in breaks, improvements in quality
  • Benchmarking the paper machine basis weight MD variability to best-in-class mills