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A Process Performance Project (PPP) is an ideal value proposition for plants seeking to maximize their assets through advanced control technologies and process troubleshooting techniques.  In a PPP, the plant’s technical personnel and Enero staff combine their expertise to achieve optimum operational efficiency by:

  1. Implementing advanced control technologies to further improve process stability and operate key process variables closer to their constraints
  2. Providing support to plants implementing control strategies for new process equipment
  3. Improving and sustaining the performance of a plant through regular onsite performance work and remote process monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis

Before the initiation of a PPP, plant personnel and Enero Solutions jointly establish a list of key process indicators and metrics to accurately measure financial benefits derived from the implementation of APC technologies

Enero Solutions Process Performance Projects sample results:

    • Reduced fossil-fuel usage by 5% in a plant
    • Implemented an advanced biogas load maximizer for a paper mill
    • Increased the production capability of dryer by 15%
    • Reduced product temperature variations by 50% in a batch reactor