ServicesDynamic studies

Process Dynamic Studies consist of short-duration projects generally focusing on a specific process area. The main objectives of Process Dynamic Studies are to improve the stability of key process variables during steady- and transient state conditions or when a plant requires an independent evaluation of a process unit’s capability, pinpointing where process variability reduction would result in increased plant profitability.

Enero Performance Consultants measure the as-found process variability and determine if a system’s dynamics are fast enough to allow variability to be attenuated using standard feedback control. Although process variability can often be reduced by tuning existing control logic, further process improvements can be achieved through the implementation of Advanced Process Control technologies, effecting changes in the existing process or design.

Enero Solutions Process Dynamic Studies sample results:

    • Eliminated drum level trip during large process disturbances
    • 40% reduction in product outlet temperature variability from a drying process
    • Reduced temperature fluctuations of a polymer at the outlet of an undersized gas-fired heater
    • Reduced by 50% the pressure variations of a main steam header