ServicesDynamic testing of valve performance
Online valve testing without position feedback measurement

Online valve testing can be valuable when an operation team has a list of critical control valves but do not have the resources to maintain them all during an upcoming shutdown.


Enero Solutions helps operations teams to identify valves that should be repaired or replaced for an upcoming shutdown by using a dedicated high-frequency datalogger that measures small changes in valve position demand and analyzes dynamic response of the controlled variable. Although this type of test is limited to processes with fast non-integrating dynamics (i.e.: pressures, flows) it is by far the simplest and most cost-effective method to identify which control valves need to be repaired.


An online valve dynamic test will help determine the following valve dynamic parameters:

  • Valve Deadtime
  • Valve Response Time
  • Valve Deadband
  • Valve Friction
  • Process Gain