Oil & Gas

Challenges Facing the Oil & Gas Industry

With so many control loops and events happening in real-time, sorting through the data in order to set performance improvement goals or even simply addressing critical performance issues can seem like a daunting task.

Enero Solutions regularly conducts process and control optimization of gas and oil pipeline systems. These performance projects are performed online without affecting pipeline operation and provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce pressure variations, mechanical vibrations and localized flow variations during pipeline startup though improved control decoupling between pumping stations
  • Decrease pipeline cyclic variations during startup and steady-state operation
  • Cuts pumping costs by optimizing control valve regulation during steady- and transient state operation

Helps optimize the stability and control of individual pumping stations by:

  • Reviewing the suction and pressure station logic and ensure that the override control strategy is configured for rapid dynamic response
  • Improving the performance of the suction pressure controller tuning using Internal Model Control tuning methodology
  • Dynamic testing of control valves and transmitters to assess the performance of the field instrumentation
  • Develop advanced control logic when multiple valves are installed in series or when additional process objectives are desired


Enero Solutions collaborates with operation personnel to improve overall pipeline performance by developing supervisory control logic for pipelines with multiple pumping stations.

  • Ensures coordination of station startup so that pipeline packing does not result in localized flow surges and pressure drop
  • Minimizes mechanical vibration when rapid process disturbances occur
  • Allows for rapid, stable and non-oscillatory pressure and flow changes during a production flow increase
  • Helps maintain long term performance of advanced control logic with the Enero HawkView system, a remote high-frequency loop monitoring solution that tracks pipeline variability

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