Industry Power GenerationBetter Heat Rate at Steady- and Transient State Conditions

The Heat Rate (HR) of a power plant is defined as the amount of energy needed to produce one kWh of net electrical energy. Tracking, evaluating and reducing the HR are critical activities that directly affect the profitability of a unit. During steady state conditions, steam or gas turbines convert energy into power based on their efficiency, process operating conditions and process variability.  

Enero Performance Projects Help Reduce Overall Process Variability by:

  1. Allowing the operation team to shift process setpoints closer to the equipment constraints. For example, a reduction in steam temperature variability allows an increase in steam temperature setpoint
  2. Increasing the power throughput of the unit. For example, the heat rate is higher if the main steam header peak-to-peak variation is 20 psi instead of 10 psi
  3. Improving long-term equipment efficiency and reducing the rate of deterioration. For example, steam turbine efficiency drops faster if a 20 degree cycle exists in a process


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