The Enero Solutions HawkView Acquisition System is a revolutionary product that allows high-frequency data to be collected through an Ethernet connection at high resolution. The software interface of the HawkView Acquisition System uses the latest programming language which makes the graphical interface very powerful and easy to use. The HawkView Process Optimization Toolbox allows the user to gather data efficiently and to efficiently analyze it.

The HawkView Acquisition System toolbox includes the following tools:

  • The HawkView Optitune Tool (modeling and model-based tuning)
  • The HawkView GenSig Tool (generating signals for valve performance testing and PC-based interface simulation of analog devices)

The HawkView Acquisition System from Enero Solutions is an industrial Ethernet-based data acquisition hardware/software product providing input-to-output isolation for safe measurement. This unique tool offers a centralized analog system to access valuable high-speed data enabling effective management of the process under study. Using Ethernet communication protocols allows distant data acquisition, simultaneous multi-module data collection and eliminates the need for expensive and fragile PCMCIA cards with cable connectors. More >>

HawkView Acquisition Product Brochure
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