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Rising steam production energy costs are a major concern for the manufacturing industry. To improve profitability, plants have reduced the amount of vented or condensed steam and the number of boilers in operation. Although “closing” the steam system does improve plant energy efficiency, it also increases the variability of steam quality leading to potential product quality or possible process operational issues.

An Enero Energy Performance Project helps make steam systems better integrated, more robust and responsive while reducing a plant’s total energy usage. Enero Solution’s advanced process control technology packages and solutions include:

  • Enero Solutions’ patented QuickSteam Boiler technology
  • Steam turbine bypass advanced control logic
  • Boiler drum level shrink-swell compensation control
  • Steam turbine supervisory control
  • Steam leveling control
  • Steam accumulator sizing and control integration
  • Megawatt leveling control
  • Boiler load allocation supervisory control
  • Biogas integration and maximization for large fossil-fuel powerhouse