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The HawkView Acquisition System from Enero Solutions is an industrial Ethernet-based data acquisition hardware product providing input-to-output isolation for safe measurement. This unique tool offers a centralized analog system to access valuable high-speed data enabling effective management of processes under study. The Ethernet communication protocol allows distant data acquisition, simultaneous multi-module data collection and eliminates the need for expensive and fragile PCMCIA cards with cable connectors.

 Product Highlights

  • 16 Analog Voltage Inputs
    • Isolated differential inputs protected against harmful transients
    • ±20V input range
    • 24 bits resolution
    • Protected against accidental connection of power-line voltages up to 240VAC
    • 1Hz to 1kHz selectable sampling rate
    • 16 channels simultaneous sampling
  • 4 Analog Current Output
    • Isolated analog current loop output protected against harmful transients
    • 16 bits resolution
    • Up to 100Hz selectable output generation rate
    • Protected against accidental connection of power-line voltages up to 40VAC
  • 2 Digital Inputs
    • Isolated digital output
    • 3V to 27V logic high input voltage
  • 24 V power available to supply two wire current loop transmitter
  • Flexible Ethernet Communication link
    • Direct computer connection
    • Local network connection
    • Internet distant connection
    • Multi-module data collection
  • Laptop size rugged compact casing



A Powerful Tool for Process Monitoring

The HawkView Acquisition System offers manufacturing plants a centralized system to access high-speed data and extracts all valuable information, enabling effective management of high-speed processes. Perfect for troubleshooting drives, gauging system, pipelines, turbines, hydraulic systems, headboxes, flows, pressures.

Enero HawkView V1 Acquisition Hardware Datasheet
Enero HawkView Acquisition Product Brochure
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