Challenges Facing the Chemical Industry

  • Rising energy costs
  • High transportation costs
  • Increasing cost of raw materials
  • Competition from emerging economies with lower labor costs and higher market growth rates

Enero Performance Projects for the chemical industry deliver rapid and measurable results by:

  • Decreasing process variability through the implementation of advanced process control systems to reduce off-spec product
  • Reducing batch process cycle time using advanced non-linear controls
  • Improving the response time and stability of distillation columns
  • Increasing the production rate of chemical processes: reduce variability and side-product conversion and allow reactors or other processes to operate closer to their constraints
  • Enhancing energy demand coordination from process to steam plant and for other recovery heat generators
  • Diminishing plant energy costs through model-based control of the steam plant using Enero’s patented QuickSteam Boiler technology